Sunday, May 07, 2006

how to do evangelism?

follow this link to a really useful vidoe guaranteed to help in your evangleism....or more likely to laugh uncontrolably. thanks to Paul Roberts for this one!


1 i z said...

Lol! Fantatsic find Steve.

I couldn't get past the first few minutes...the emphasis of words like build-eerrr, paint-eerrr and create-eerrr did it for me. That and "the same deep, rich scietific principles..."


Sally said...

fantastic, so all I need is a few soda cans for illustration and all will be solved... so simple, why haven't you shared this vital information before???

Mike Kazybrid and Andrew Wooding said...

Hello Steve,

I did a placement with Ray Comfort (the star of this video) in America. We must talk about it sometime!

Andrew Wooding