Thursday, November 17, 2005

emergent UK Holy Spirit in contemporary culture day

it was good to be at this conversation last Saturday in St Albans (see Jason Clarks blog for more info ) firstly to find different people at this to other gatherings in other networks, yet people wrestling with mission and culture and faith in the UK. I was impressed by the genuine breadth of those who came too and the way that differences where shared and aired with no attempt to enforce a party line. I would recommend any future day to people interested in the kind of things I blog about.

I also think the day points to a small but useful part that emergent UK is now playing in it's own right separate from it's US big brother. Something I think will only aid the health of the debate over here. I say this because I also fear that at present UK emergent may not be fully on people's radar and it ought to be. I say this as someone initially suspicious of a US inspired group that might simply have been re-inventing the alternative worship wheel. It turns ought to be something different to that and I am pleased to say more mission focused than some sections of alt worship have been (though I think that is changing too which is good)